Thursday, September 8, 2011

Things to do with a 7 minute break?

It takes 7 minutes to generate a complete schedule with EZShift.
30 Things to do with your 7 minute break:

1.       Reply to an email you were saving for tomorrow… for the past week.
2.       Tell one of your employees they’re doing a GOOD job (for a change).
3.       Call your spouse and ask what’s for dinner.
4.       Come up with a new and promotion worthy team efficiency idea.
5.       Tell your boss about your new and promotion worthy team efficiency idea.
6.       Floss.
7.       Go tell another manager that you got some free time because you’re using EZShift and he’s not. So HA!
8.       Apologize to said manager.
9.       Confirm attendance in a meeting, then realize it’s dinner with the in-laws night, refuse attendance in a meeting.
10.   Play a hidden object game at
11.   Call your grandma, you haven’t talked to her in ages!
12.   Smoke a cigarette.
13.   Look for rehab programs on-line.
14.   Run a survey around the office about the best way to quit smoking.
15.   Check on where you are on your monthly targets, and locate any bottlenecks.
16.   Find solution for said bottlenecks.
17.   Stretch.
18.   Find an awesome new online-radio station to make your favorite (the old one has too many commercial breaks anyway).
19.   Check hot ski locations for your upcoming birthday.
20.   Sort through clutter (though there shouldn’t be any with EZShift).
21.    HIT workout.
22.   Renew parking meter.
23.   Compile a new youtube playlist.
24.   Do your nails (yes, even if you’re a guy)!
25.   Do your boss’s nails.
26.   Prank-call the guy at the opposite cubicle.
27.   Draw a really bad painting and feature it as your child’s.
28.   Stare.
29.   Purchase cubicle warfare items at
30.   Deploy your cubicle warfare items!

Got any additional ideas for a 7 minute break? Post them as a comment!
The possibilities are endless,
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