Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shift Happens

Scheduling employees into shifts can be quite a draining task. While scheduling my employees to work I have encountered a few recurring mistakes. As the person in charge of scheduling the staff, there is an imperative responsibility to keep things running smoothly. Although scheduling errors are unintentional, when such inaccuracies arise you can immediately sense the impact on your organization.
If remembering to check all the sticky notes with my employees’ availability is a hard enough task, distributing shifts in a fair way for all is a harder one. I found it hard to balance the amount of night shifts all my employees had worked, which made me schedule some employees to work the following morning and the service to suffer. Scheduling an employee to work more than the allotted amount is also common, sometimes even twice in one day, causing unnecessary overtime payments. On top of their availability, each employee has their own talents as well as restrictions that can’t go unnoticed. Every scheduling blunder creates a dent structurally, and hurts the overall operation of any business.
We have all been through this here at EZShift. Striving to manage employees the best we can, yet still falling victim to some of the hardships that come along with the job. We have built EZShift based on these experiences and our extensive knowledge of the matter so it won’t happen to you.
EZShift recognizes these conceivable situations and takes into consideration all imaginable complications that one endures during the demanding scheduling process. EZShift provides you with tools and assistance in finding solutions, and ensures that you will never make a scheduling mistake. Error elimination is one of the strongest attributes this software encompasses while allowing you to build a schedule with your criterion. Not only will you never make a mistake again, you will also save the headaches that come with this never-ending cycle.

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