Friday, September 23, 2011

Nobody got your back? Read and see how we can help.

Human error: The reason why we’d rather let machines do the work.
We all come across human error in our day to day lives, whether they are caused by us, or affected us due to somebody else’s mistake.
Allow me to provide you with an example (or 3):
1.       Your manager sends you an email asking when you are going to fire that good-for-nothing employee who just busted the deal of a lifetime with his incompetence.
You click reply and inform him that you’re waiting for the end of the month since you don’t want to fire him just before a major holiday, only to find out you sent your reply to one of that employee’s coworkers.
2.       Your boss (after two workdays of trying to compile the weekly schedule for your team) assigned you to a double shift on the one day you absolutely could not work. Now, since he needs to make up for these two days of scheduling when he got no work done, he’s too busy to find you a replacement (even though it was his mistake), so you have to go beg to your coworkers and come up with a solution.
3.       It’s your 3 year anniversary with your spouse. You call in your favorite restaurant to reserve a table for two on that special evening. When you arrive at the restaurant you are told your table is reserved for the next evening.
Oh no.

The first and last example I gave are probably solution-less, at least at present time, and will just have to remain one of life’s quirky and eventually (many many years from now) amusing situations.

The 2nd example, however, is COMPLETELY avoidable!

Just imagine it: a world completely devoid of mess-ups, embarrassment, disappointments & heartaches, hunger, war and desease…….

Well maybe I’m taking this too far, but it’s actually pretty genius if you think about it: an error prevention system that informs you whenever you are about to make a mistake.
At the moment it only exist as part of the EZSHift staff scheduling software, but wouldn’t it be great if any email software, reservationist and boss would have it integrated in them?

This is what makes our Scheduling Software so cool – it’s got your back!
It allows you to be the flawless boss you are to your employees, always.

No more costly over-time, no more resentment, no more waste of time.

Give our shift scheduling software a chance, it’s as loyal as a puppy and doesn’t chew on your furniture so much. 

(Today's blog entry was brought to you by the all beautiful, all tallanted EZShift team)


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