Tuesday, August 30, 2011

EZShift Employee Scheduling Software

EZShift offers an employee scheduling software for all sized businesses. Our software automatically places employees in the working schedule with almost no need for human intervention- our software does it all for you!
Shift/employee scheduling software allow you to set and update your shift schedule. Our scheduling solution enables schedule management on the highest levels, both through manual and automatic shift scheduling. The schedule generator organizes employee shifts according to the specific organizational needs and employee preferences of each company due to its smart & simple rule system, which eliminates errors and shift conflicts completely. EZshift makes employee rotation quick and easy thanks to its workforce management and automatic update, crew scheduling, swap system, operational reports, training, and questionnaire applications.
You can organize the shifts according to a weekly schedule, bi-weekly schedule or a monthly schedule.
Shift scheduling is needed in many industries like health care, hospitals, food service industries, emergency services, factories, call centers, retail stores, and high-tech companies. In all of these industries many issues are involved in the roster of the schedule like multiple shifts, shift rotations, fair shift distribution and many more.
Make life simple and try out our smart employee scheduling software!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The new EZShift blog is now up and running!

Many a cool stuff to look forward to.
Mucho excited here!

In the mean while enjoy this cute video that symbolized nothing but fun beginnings to me. :)

Updates in a bit,